Why is Airbus cutting the wings of the E-FAN?

The E-Fan is an all-electric two-seater that made his first flight in 2014, later the silent and CO2 emission-free plane crossed the Channel in July, 2015.
The challenge was to adapt these technologies to commercial aviation by 2050.

Is Airbus just prioritizing other futuristic projects?

According to the aircraft manufacturer the unexpected decision has been made to "refocus the efforts towards the development of a more ambitious “E-Fan X”.

This plane has done its job. Today, a lot of the technologies developed for the E-Fan are in new projects. Airbus.

It seems that the E-fan has ultimately served as a technological springboard for electric flying vehicles. Airbus is maintaining other related projects, e.g. its ambitious plan to develop a hybrid regional plane with 90 seats, together with Vahana (due end of 2017), CityAirbus and more recently Pop UP.

Airbus unveil Pop.Up

World-premiered in Geneva March, 2017.
The Car that flies or the drones that drives?