Welcome on board!

Aviapro offers a wide range of products and services. We provide outsourced solutions for any airlines non-core activity.

We know that flexibility and adaptability is essential to support the changing requirements of the aviation industry and are aware that every business requires solutions tailored to their needs.

Aviapro customizes to your specific requirements and provides the most suitable subject matter experts.

Our training programmes develop highly skilled professionals


Our multidisciplinary team is composed of recognized experts and professionals with a wide range of specialized disciplines and skill sets, from flight and ground operations specialists to former airline executives, managers and engineers.

Aviapro™ is based in Singapore and Málaga-Spain and has highly qualified associates with proven experience to provide support to most aspects of the aviation industry worldwide.

How we differentiate...

  • We customize...to your specific requirements.
  • We provide... only the most suitable subject matter experts.
  • We support,... and supervise to improve the effectiveness of your business performance.
  • We ensure... that your products will be best represented or distributed.
  • We guarantee...training programs to acquire the knowledge needed to develop highly skilled professionals
  • We build the skills...you need to boost employment opportunities.