Safety Improvement Through Training


The realization that not enough has been done to address the human factors issue has prompted a strategic industry review of pilot raining. The Evidence-based training (EBT) philosophy is a IATA initiative, co-developed by leading industry stakeholders (ICAO, regulatory bodies, aircraft manufacturers, academic and research institutions, ATO, ..etc.).
Pilot training is mainly based on events which may be highly improbable in modern airplanes. Training programs are consequently saturated with items that may not necessarily mitigate the real risks, or enhance the safety of modern air transport.
EBT is a new industry standard and will become the primary framework for recurrent airline pilot training.


Natural limitations on human performance and the complexity of the operating environment ensure that error will be an inevitable occurrence. The target is to improve safety through training by filling the gap between Safety and Training.
Evidence-based training (EBT) is a Threat and Error (TEM) countermeasure that enhances operational safety, efficiency and effectiveness by identifying risks encountered in actual operations.
Training can be tailored with in-house safety data to mitigate real risks and develop the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) required in the operators environment.
EBT is used to tailor training programs adapted by fleet and operation and puts emphasis on human performance, but focuses on normal operations.

We offer a highly proactive tool to mitigate real risks through a continuous training program


A very positive aspect of the culture of pilots is pride in their profession and job satisfaction. Pilots have demonstrated value for training, understanding of performance in high risk environments and research into safety and human factors.
Pilot´s motivation for self improvement -in strict non-jeopardy conditions- helps to work toward safety and efficiency in operations and to identify potential skill and knowledge gaps.
Our training program allows pilots to analyse their own performance strengths and vulnerabilities.
The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest practicable levels of operational safety through continuous skills development and ongoing pilot training.

State-Of-The-Art Training Solution

A variety of convenient training formats together with learner-friendly tests for self-evaluation are delivered to the pilot group through social networks, email or embedded in a website of the customers' choice. Training is customized to the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed in a non-punitive learning system.

Safety Improvement Through Training

After completion of the self-study exercises, automatically graded test scores and correct answers become immediately available to students for self-evaluation, while trending score data across all exam takers and question statistics can be sent to the organization to measure the overall impact of the activity, assessing strengths and weaknesses.

What to train?

The evidence. We train the evidence through international airline accidents and incident reviews, in-house safety data, evidence from operations, intuitive risk analysis by pilots, requests and suggestions. Data is then analysed and comprehensive instruction is delivered to the industry professionals.

An empowering process begins when pilots trap their own errors or identify threats. Mistakes, communication errors, decision errors, or proficiency errors that are not detected can not be managed!


EBT is not designed to cut training costs, but running cost extremely low. Aviapro’s ‘Safety Through Training Solution’ complements and extends the reach of an airline’s safety management system. A single, predictable monthly fee covers for this systemic approach to identify potential skill and knowledge gaps which embraces a:

  • Reactive Analysis Tool Pilots will be able to review third party incidents, understand events happened to others and identify threats in their own operation.
  • Observation Tool Airlines add value by acquiring data, prevent degradation and rise the standard.
  • Highly proactive tool We emphasize the value of anticipation and error avoidance or detection. With our model pilots analyse their own performance strengths and vulnerabilities and become qualified to trap or manage successfully future errors.

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