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Habilitaciones de tipo | Type Ratings


Coached to success

We will give you the best support to maximise your learning potential and guide you through your type rating without any extra cost. To the contrary, you will be saving money, seize the opportunity and inquire about our discount rates with PARTNER Approved Training Organisations (ATO).

We build the skills you need to boost employment opportunities.

Safety Through Training

Analyze your own performance and identify potential skill and knowledge gaps!

We pilots are proud of our profession and are aware that our job is carried out in a high risk environment. For that reason pilots demonstrate value for training, although too many pilots perceive that an airline training department's main function is checking, rather than training.
Aviapro™ offers you the possibility to train in a learner friendly environment.
Our training approach integrates Evidence-Based Training (EBT) in a non-punitive learning system.


Raise standards by the creation of a better learning environment.


Natural limitations on human performance and the complexity of the operating environment ensure that error will be an inevitable occurrence. The objective of this quiz is to provide tools and knowledge to improve safety through training.


This training program -in strict non-jeopardy conditions- allows pilots to analyse their own performance and identify potential skill and knowledge gaps.
The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest practicable levels of operational safety through continuous skills development and constant pilot training.