Outsource Training

Maximise productivity

"In house" training is an excellent training solution, but should be carefully examined economically as it is costly for airlines in terms of lost pilot productivity.

Our solutions include a variety of services such as:

  • Evidence-Based Training(ICAO´s next key milestone in Professional Aviation Training)
  • Assessments
  • Ground school training
  • Initial training training
  • Promotional training
  • Recurrent training

Raise standards by the creation of a better learning environment

Research has shown that unfortunately there is little confidence in training departments amongst the pilot group generally. Too many pilots perceive that an airline instructor main function is checking, rather than training.
This lack of confidence inhibits individual pilots from approaching the training section with any problem or query.
High standards are required for SAFETY, operating reliability, low operating cost, esprit de corps, customer satisfaction, and continuing success in the aviation business


Average experience on the flight deck is declining

Aviation market characteristics and demand is making it day by day more difficult to find highly qualified and experience pilots due to the shortage of skilled aviation professionals. International organizations address the fact that more than 350.000 pilots will be needed in the next years. We know that pilot performance is critical to safety and are aware about the importance of training. Next generation airline pilots need to be carefully trained and assessed to assure appropriate pilot capacities and aptitudes.

Our capabilities include:

  • Handling of queries and applications
  • Pre-screen potential candidates
  • Simulator Assessments
  • Simulator training with partner ATO´s in Europe, Asia and South America.

Safety Improvement Through Training

This training program allows pilots to analyse their own performance and identify potential skill and knowledge gaps.